How to Get The WordPress Plugin Version From a Plugin Header Block

If you’re developing a new plugin, you may find it useful to get the plugin version of your plugin from the Plugin Header block for use in other areas of your plugin such as query ? strings used in included files like script.js and style.css files. This technique will explain how to easily grab the “Version” value from your plugin header to use throughout your plugin.

Using Cloudflare Free Edition As Dynamic DNS On Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

While it may not be advertised publicly on Cloudflare’s website, you can definitely use the free service for dynamic dns on your Edgerouter! Below are the simple steps to setup Cloudflare Dynamic DNS on your EdgeRouter. Best of all, it’s super easy and there are a lot of great benefits and features that come along with the free version.

Import YouTube WordPress Plugin

Import YouTube videos as WordPress custom post types with ease! Import YouTube by Northwoods Digital is an advanced FREE plugin to create posts by importing YouTube videos as posts or video post type via the YouTube API v3.