Connect Any SIP SoftPhone to UniFi Talk

In this example, I will walk you through connecting your SIP SoftPhone to and extension in UniFi Talk on the UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro).


  • SSH must be enabled in the UDM Pro settings
  • Must have at least one user and 1 extension added to the UniFi Talk portal
  • Must have previously added a UniFi Talk device in the portal

Get The Password for an Extension

In order to connect a softphone to an extension in UniFi Talk, you will need the extension number and the password for that extension along with the IP address of the UDM Pro. Using an SSH application such as Putty on Windows or Terminal on Mac, follow the steps below to get the password for a specific extension. In this example, I will use extension 0001.

SSH into the UDM Pro. Your UDM Pro may have an IP address like or, etc. Type the following command in Terminal or Putty to SSH into the UDM Pro and hit the return or enter key.

ssh root@

At this point, you should be prompted to accept the certificate, accept the certificate and you should be prompted to enter your SSH password for the UDM Pro. Enter your password and hit return or enter key.

You should now be at the command prompt. We need to get into the UniFi Shell, so type the following command and press enter.

unifi-os shell

Now you should see the bash user change to “root@ubnt: /#”. Type the following command to get the password for extension 0001.

fs_cli -x "user_data 0001 params password"

If the above command doesn’t work, try the following command or change the extension number to one that exists in your UniFi Talk Portal.

fs_cli -x "user_data params password"

The password should now be displayed in Terminal. Copy the password and user that when setting up the SIP setting for your SoftPhone.

The following are required pieces of information to be entered in the SIP Softphone.

  • Extension Number / Username / Auth-Username = 0001
  • Auth-Password / Password = “the password returned from the command above”
  • Domain =
  • Proxy Address =
  • Voicemail Number =

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